Cameron’s story

Some people may search their whole life to find even one hobby or passion, or as Cameron says, a ‘calling’. Cameron has been lucky enough to find more than one and each of them allows him to express himself and be a different brilliant! What are they and how? Well, here’s his story.

In 2012, Cameron was an attractive candidate for employment – yet armed with two diplomas, a wealth of knowledge and as much determination as a dog with a bone he still struggled to find meaningful work. His brother suggested he talk to Vicky Little, now at Aspect’s employment service, Aspect Capable. Vicky was able to mentor Cameron and eventually his future employer so that he could work in an industry that he loves and thrives in – internet marketing.

Cameron said that “for me, my greatest challenge has been in social cues. With computing, unlike people, things are in some ways more straightforward; you know what you will get. Yes, it can be frustrating when in technical terms things do not go the way you want, but having a logical mind helps a great deal.”

Cameron has chosen a career path that complements his perspective on life and characteristics of being on the spectrum. Internet Marketing is to Cameron what painting is to artists – a passion and a pleasure.

Cameron also regularly exercises his hobbies. After a day at work he’ll grab a camera, take some snaps and put them together to create a movie collage. Or he’ll jump into a plane simulator and take off on the runway. Or research more into Internet Marketing – which he doesn’t refer to as a job to pay the bills, but a ‘calling’.

Among his many hobbies and working full time, Cameron has also gone on to be involved in several other Aspect projects, including being a contributing writer to Aspect’s latest Choose & Connect project – an online magazine in perspective, written, designed and put together by people on the spectrum.